Monday, December 29, 2014

Out of the comfort zone

The weather in Germany is cold. There is snow and ice. We are stuck in the north. Living room practices don't happen. I get up too late, then I have breakfast with the others. Then I feel full. The living room is not warm excuse after the other keep me paralyzed and lame.

Yet I'm also fed up with this lazy life style. I know from a friend that there is an Ashtanga yoga studio in Hannover. I checked the schedule today. At 6pm they offer a Mysore class and I'll be there.

I know when the train goes. This is only once per hour. This is so when on the countryside. The shala is a 10 min walk from the main station. I think I can remember the way. I'm here with my yoga mat and I have also yoga clothes here. Who or what shall stop me to go.

At 6:25pm I'll have to leave the seems doable. I know how good I'll feel after my practice.

I prepare Silvester as we'll stay here. Dinner at an Indian restaurant with husband, brother of husband, mother-in-law and myself sounds good to me. The reservation must still be made. This morning I bought a bottle of Champagne.


Anna said...

I am thinking of you, Ursula during this winter season. Yes, so easy to make excuses for everything worthwhile and lose focus amidst the strong pull of a lower vibrational life! I, myself, have been a slug! I need to decide: this is what I want to BE and actually DO IT. You are a role model for action even if you don't feel like one!

Ursula Preiss said...

Anna you are a wonderful woman. We often look at what we don't do and we forget to focus on what we do.

True, I don't feel like role model. Hahaha.... far away from it.