Tuesday, December 02, 2014

No sleeping morning routine

I have to get off the train a station earlier to get to the new shala. Not to miss to get off the train is the first attention exercise. I guess I was in sleeping mode the last months.

This morning I didn't find my mat, then I forgot my key in the restroom. This only tells me that my morning routine is not yet strong.

On the other hand I see how easy it is to perform anything if a strong routine is developed.

Also on the second day I'm enthusiastic about the new practice place. There is no air-conditioning which is perfect for Ashtanga yoga. The room gets warm when  a lot of yogis/yoginis practice. It also gets humid. This gives me a tiny bit more flexibility. Every tiny bit is appreciated. :) This is India feeling.

My focus are the vinyasas these days. I experience progress. I know my next step. I have to manage it to jump forward from downward dog and to stand on my arms for 1 more breath, legs bent. I plan to exercise this at home.

I also try now to get from bhuja pidasana to bakasana. This is hard.

These are the vinyasas. They were too long neglected, which is OK. Asanas first. The asanas are the female part of the practice, the vinyasas the male part. It's great to do the asanas, the vinyasas are equally important at least if one wants to practice Ashtanga yoga. They give strength. A feeling for the own body is learned. Coordination of legs, arms, hands, feet, neck, head, eyes and so on is learned, too. The better the understanding the less strength is needed.

Time to nap.


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iamkimmylicious said...

Your yoga practice is very inspiring. I wish I can do that even at home. ;)