Saturday, December 27, 2014


I had to look up the word for 'Hexenschuss'. I had forgotten this vocabulary as the first one belongs to the far away past already. Hexenschuss translates lumbago. Only the first time I didn't know what it was. It was so painful that I was recommended by a friend, a doctor to go to hospital. There I got something to drink. I lied down again, soon I slept and when I woke up I was like newborn. I felt like a simulator, I knew I wasn't. I must find out what they gave me!

It's difficult to make out what causes such lower back pain. Often it comes fast and disappears even faster. I'm glad that I know now what it is when I have it.  My mother put Alpa on my back and I took an Aspirin. It disappeaared and I could scarcly believe that soon I could bend forward again. I feel like newborn.

Today is Saturday and I don't practice. Yesterday I missed to practice. I don't think anymore that if I have missed a practice that I have to practice on one of the free days like Saturday or moon day instead. I also don't think anymore to do an additional practice in the afternoon. Missed is missed.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I'll start with second series. It will be a living room practice again on my thin mat. It's difficult to exercise the vinyasas when a thin mat lies on a soft carpet. It's difficult to balance. What ever will happen on the mat is perfect when traveling. I don't expect much anymore. It's state of emergency when on the road.

There is no snow in the north of Germany. I could even spy out a bit of sun. We'll stroll around. Very close from the home is a lake and it's beautiful there. This could be a destination this afternoon.

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