Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Exploring a new shala in Hannover

Yesterday, despite the low temperatures outside I took the train to Hannover. Close to the main station is a new Ashtanga yoga school. I wanted to explore it.
I arrived very early. Quickly I saw the sign of the school. It's in the fifth floor of a building. The steps serve as a warm-up, I thought.

The teacher was already there and I was welcomed cordially. I could start my practice half an hour earlier.

I recommend to practice from time to time in another Ashtanga yoga school. In my opinion it's so much more helpful than to go to workshops. In a workshop all students are new to the teacher. When joining an existing group one is the only new student often and one gets a lot of attention.

Some of the feed-back is familiar to me already, yet I wonder why I don't change it. I have surely also bad practice habits:
1. See picture above: Hands and arms shall be in line. My feet are too far apart. My body has no room anymore to move downwards.
2. I'll take care of my feet when doing primary. They shall be vertical. It helps to press the back tendon of the leg down to the floor.

At the end after urdhva dhanurasana I should do handstand. I was glad that my body was able to balance. She stood next to me to hold me, yet for some breaths I could balance. I haven't forgotten everything. I was glad.

It's difficult to give a kapotasana adjustment if one doesn't know the body of a student. Yet it felt perfect and safe.

It's embarrassing that I cannot be in sirsasana long enough. I will work on a long long sirsasana in the next year. I'll work with a timer.

It's so wonderful to go to a studio with a committed teacher and passionate yoginis. A. helped where she could. The school will grow, for sure.

With a smile on my face I walked home. I was happy that I wasn't lazy and that I went. The next time when I'll be here in the north it will be much easier to go.

Silvester is prepared, too. We got a reservation in a restaurant. The Champagne is in the fridge. The first resolution. From midnight on till I get to bed I'll only sip Champagne. A bottle for 4 people is not too much.


mikeintonbridge said...

Good company is as important to cultivate as good alignment - both in the shala and in the home. We are fortunate.

Champagne and Asana - what a great combination for this time of year. (Though not at the same time of course!) Have a wonderful evening.

Anna said...

Happy New Year, Ursula. May Kapotasana come your way! I'm cheering you on from my sofa :-))

Seriously, you are my principle role model for self-discipline: I might need to come and live with you to get focused!

Ursula Preiss said...

Happy new year, Mike.
Happy new year, Anna.

The year is already in full swing, isn't it. :)

All the best.