Tuesday, December 16, 2014

15 days left in 2014 - looking back

2014 was dominated by 3 major events and changes:

1. We moved. Fate meant it good with me. I could give all the stuff that I discarded to a friend who could sell it in a shop. The returns went to Africa, Ghana. It allows children to go to school. It would have been so hard to throw so many belongings in the garbage can. Knowing that the earnings would serve a good purpose made it so much easier to let go. So many things had to go. It was always a relief when things were out of the house. Even now when I think of all the things that are gone now, relief comes up. Old clothes, dishes, books, I had too much from everything. We inhale and exhale. We buy and we must give away in order to have a healthy flow.

2. Teeth issues. I'm still not convinced that everything that was done was necessary. I feel  like a victim of an over-ambitious dentist. I wanted a conservative treatment. I wasn't able to make smart decisions. I trusted. not always this is the best approach. It's too late and I hope that I'm soon in peace with this past as I cannot change it anymore.

3. Ashtanga yoga: It's such a gift for Munich and our growing Ashtanga yoga community that MSch moved to Munich at the end of 2013. He offers Mysore classes 6 times a week at 6:30 at Amiraplatz 3, Munich. This is perfect. It cannot be better. It's luxury.
Instead of doing more and more asanas I got advised to work on those that I'm not able to do. That's how it's supposed to be. I work on back bending, kapotasana, standing up from urdhva dhanurasana. My last asana is bakasana B. I guess back bending and the vinyasas will be my focus in 2015, too. I don't expect a quick fix here. Hahaha......Quality over quantity in life and in my yoga practice.

15 days are left in 2014 and a lot must still be done. I feel ready.

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