Monday, November 24, 2014

The miracle happened

Yesterday was a sofa evening. We, my E and I watched a thriller: Tatort. Afterwards I went straight to bed. My leg still hurt and it was difficult to fall asleep. Which position is the best, I wondered.

This morning I switched off the alarm clock, yet I didn't get up. I wanted to be cautious with my luxury body. If the body goes on strike, it gets extra attention, extra love. Then it deserves rest.

Indeed I fear my marathon cleaning on Friday caused this twist in my body.

So this morning when I finally got up, everything was OK. I think this is a consequence of my daily Ashtanga practice. I heal quickly.

I practiced at home, yet modest. I did primary without vinyasas. It felt good and OK to me to take it easy today. I didn't like to do a single wrong movement. today.

My home practiced saved me almost 20 Euro. Hahaha.....I don't care. Yet I knew that I wouldn't be able to practice with half energy in a Mysore class. I would have given my best. I'd emptied the tanks.

Yesterday I had the insight that I must be prepared to practice alone again. From Jan through March my teacher is in Mysore. I know nobody here in Munich who could be a substitute for him. This made me a bit sad. Yet all the great yoginis practice alone. This is the path. It's a lonesome one. I know it's my path.


Anonymous said...

I must be a "great yogini" as lately I have been practicing alone more and more :) :) I want to listen to my body more and move into the asanas it feels lead to do. The book, Yoga Sequencing, Designing Transformative Yoga Practices, by Mark Stephens has helped me in this endeavor, as it is important to be balanced. Ashtanga has led me to this place through memorizing sequences, I am so grateful for that. How wonderful to see you practice ahimsa, dear U..

Ursula Preiss said...

It makes me happy to read that you have a yoga routine and that you're loving it. It's not always easy to keep practicing. Nevertheless it's rewarding.

I feel that I harvest already after only 11 years. This makes me relaxed. I'm confident that I keep practicing.

I'll surely look up the book. :)

Ramanand said...

Normally my body signals me you missed yoga for few days. I get up and do at least 6 suryanamaskar and other asanans and wrap it up with pranayam, bhasrika and OM chanting.

Feel Rejuvenated and body feel good.

Sadly i have constant conflict with my lethargy it's a 50 - 50 win for both