Sunday, November 02, 2014


These days Sunday is the only day on which (????? on which, hahahah, I couldn't find another grammatical solution) I practice on my own. Imperfection everywhere.

I won't go through all the primary asanas. After the standing sequence I'll go straight to second series. It's a shorter practice and I can focus on back bending. I see this Sunday practice rather as a preparation for the coming week.

Stuck at back bending. I don't care. I think I have a balanced practice. For me primary only is not a balanced practice. Urdhva dhanurasana comes out of the blue as a back bending asana. To have only 1 back bending asana is not enough. When practicing till kapotasana one has so much more back bending asanas. I'm happy with my current programme.
The next pose that will give me some issues will be bakasana B. To jump into the pose is a challenge. It should be doable after years of focusin on it. Lol.

What is good: On most days urdhva dhanurasana and also kapotasana feels good. The body got used to it. Perhaps there is less resistance in my body. I focus on the breath when I bend backwards. The inhaling fills my body with air, it stretches the body. With the exhaling I go deeper into the pose.

Time to step on the mat....

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mikeintonbridge said...

Nothing wrong with 'on which' but you could leave it out entirely: "Sunday is the only day I practice alone" works too.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Mike. Without the 'on which' it sounds more elegent. It sound more to the point. Thank you.

Anna said...

Do you have a yoga room in your new place? - I can't picture you practicing now as I could when I could see the windows to the balcony, your sofa and the TV :))

Ursula Preiss said...

You make me smile, Anna.

I don't have a yoga room, but 2 yoga places, which I both like. One is in the bedroom, which I use rarely. I can look out of a window.

The other one is in the living room in front of the balcony. Only on Sundays I practice at home. Times have changed here for the better. I love my Sunday space here. Soon I'll take some videos and partly your curiousity might be satisfied. Cordially greetings from Munich.