Sunday, November 23, 2014

Out of the blue

One shall not even think about injuries. The word injury alone seems to attract them.

It's more than crazy, yet my right leg is not functioning as usual. Friday after the led class everything was still OK. Then I did marathon cleaning. During the week I was busy taking pictures. Where I live dust clouds come to live every day. I had to clean. I even climbed up a ladder. I'm a diligent person.

This morning I was not able to carry my cup of coffee while going upstairs. I crawled upstairs. I don't exaggerate. I posed my cup on a step and then I moved upwards using my hands, too.

To move is good. When I don't move for a while, I hobble afterwards for some steps. It even hurts.

I cannot make a decision now. Yet when I'm not able to carry my cup of coffee tomorrow morning to my PC, because I need  my hands to stabilise myself at the balustrade, yeah, then I'll stay at home and I'll miss the Mysore class.

It's insofar not pleasant because next week is the last week in that shala that I loved. It's a posh shala, close to the Viktualienmarkt, all was perfect so to say.
After next week the Mysore class with MSch is somewhere else. I had imagined  a most intensive yoga week in the shala where I practiced the last year.

Hahaha......I hope a miracle will happen and this pain at the back of my right leg disappears as fast as it appeared.

I go with the flow.......this is my fate......

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