Friday, November 07, 2014

Only change is permanent

Yesterday was a moon day, that is I enjoyed a day off from yoga practice.
Today was a led class and oh my I feel weak. There are a few poses that I cannot hold as long as counted. It's navasana, utpluthih and  headstand with legs horizontal that I give up too early. Who cares.....(me! Hahaha)

My yoga practice these days is a luxury:
Sunday I practice on my own. Mainly it's half second series with focus on back bending. I do sometimes extra back bending asanas. It's the only day for taking pictures.
From Monday to Thursday I have a Mysore class with Michael.
On Friday I usually go to a led class with Michael.

Sometimes I'm in the mood to do some asanas at home in the late afternoon, then I do it, yet I must want it, it's no more a 'I should'.

Oh I digress. It's public already. MSch stops teaching at Airyoga, bad news. Good news: he will be teaching in his own shala here in Munich. Relieved. So relieved that I can keep studying with this excellent teacher. I can't wait to learn where this shala is......... :)

Being flexible can mean so many things. Not only the body can be flexible, yet also the mind. A flexible person can also handle habits in a flexible way. Places are of second priority for me. More important are people. So let's another place with the yoga practice.

For those who are interested in my photography:
Yesterday I was at a vernissage. I learned that the biggest photo shop here gives artists an opportunity to show their pictures. I'm on this list now. An exhibition is planned for 2016. Twenty pictures shall be shown in print and there is a show of about 100 pictures on a screen. My goals get in shape for 2015. If the exhibition will become reality or not is not so important. Alone this project brings my photography to another level. To produce a series of pictures is more demanding than taking one picture after the other with no connection. I'm ready.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Wow Ursula: how German, how you - goals for 2016 already! So efficient. I'm impressed. I barely know what I'm doing next month. What a good project to aim for: I hope there will be an online version after the event for those of us who cannot get to Munich for your exhibition.

You can edit this bit out: just a small adjustment, to use the yoga terminology, but we say "I digress" rather than "I distract".

Ursula Preiss said...

Dear Mike, I'm quickly enthusiastic. I wonder if being on this list means to have an exhibition there. It's a good offer though as the artist only has to pay 500,-- Euro.

For me it's indeed a pointer to get to the next level and this is to create series and not only single pictures.

Thank you very much for the grammatic help. :)