Saturday, November 22, 2014

Not enough time - an obstacle on the Ashtanga path: Start, but also end activities consciously

I guess we all know the feeling of being overwhelmed, having too much to do. It's a challenge to manage all the daily duties, a job, living healthy, having some entertainment, too. Some have children and so on.

A dear friend recommended to use a timer to structure my work no matter what it is. Set a timer for 25 min and then take a break is the advise. This time management technique even has a name: pomodoro technique.

Since I use a timer I work so much more effectively.
It's also easier to start with activities that are not my favorite ones, because I know that after 25 min they are over.
One gets a feeling of how much time any activity requires. Often I think an activity needs so much time and the opposite is the case. It's accomplished within 5 min.

I start an activity with the question: What do I want to do?
When the 25 min are over I look back and see what I've done and I enjoy it.

This helps me not to get lost in time and space.
This technique helps me to work very intensively and this created time!!

What has this to do with Ashtanga yoga?
My Ashtanga yoga practice is time intensive. (If you do any other activity beside job and family/friends life might be very busy, too)
So I really had to ask myself what is important to me: For me watching TV till late at night is not important i.e.
I tried to make my life simple. I worked on being better organised.

Start with the asanas and see what happens.
The practice can influence the entire life style.
I personally worked on being better organised, I worked on working more effectively. My timer is my secret.

One of the obstacles on the path of Ashtanga yoga is to manage the time.

Once I attended a workshop and exactly this was the topic. One man complained that he has no time for practice because his job is so time intensive. The teacher Danny Paradise said: then change the job.

We have all the same amount of time: Our chancellor has not one minute more than me. We all have 24 hours.

And now the 25 min are over. I want to question the contents of this blog post. I could go through grammar, I could find better verbs. My time is over. I hope that also this blog post has some valuable contents for you.

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Anna said...

Yes, perfect. I always encouraged you to build your life around your Ashtanga. Easy but difficult too. I'm always so happy that you've succeeded. And that's what makes your blog, for me, so different from the others.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Ursula. (By the way, there was no reason to edit the post - it looked fine to me.)

Because of a change of lifestyle a few years ago I lost my regular 17:30 slot for my Ashtanga practice. Gradually over some years it evaporated. Now a new phase: I am trying to have an early morning practice.

I have to go slowly. I am so much stiffer in the morning. It is frustrating when I know that later in the day I would have the energy and flexibility for a full practice. But I don't want to get discouraged or injured.

And those poses I don't like to do when I am stiff in the morning? Well I tell myself it is only five breaths and then it will be done. Why make a fuss over five breaths? Better just to do it.

Ursula Preiss said...

Yes, Anna, you did this. You encouraged me a lot to give up a 'normal' life, an unhealthy job life. I so wanted to succeed in jobs, yet they were not really my life. I had to adjust too much.

I have still plans, might they become true.

Ursula Preiss said...

Dear Mike, simply don't practice in the evening anymore. Soon you'll have forgotten the differences.

My big surprise was,when I started practicing at 6:30am, that I didn't feel stiff. This is so till now.

I edited to add my links to my photography pages. :)

It is better to practice in the morning. Soon you'll enjoy it.