Saturday, November 01, 2014

I twist in Marichyasana A

Understanding deepens. So in order to prepare the supta kurmasana in first series, I take care that I practice intensively the asanas before this big one. As one can see on the picture the knee is already above (or behind) my back. This is how it shall be. I consciously turn the body to the left side when my right leg is bent. That way I get deeper into the pose. I stretch the arms and use them as a lever. They move upwards, the body moves forward (and down). The back remains straight.

Today is Saturday and the day off from yoga. It's time to work on simplifying my life. :) My latest endeavour is to be as paperless as possible:
1. My Indonesian chest is full of journals. This is enough. I have an online journal now.
2. Sometimes I put down notes when I do an online workshop, yet later I transfer the notes to 'Evernote'. I want a clean desk.
3. My thoughts go to 'Evernote', too.
4. Most books I buy for my kindle.
5. I declutter all the time.

Times have changed.

Ashtanga yoga is time-intensive, Photography is time-intensive, I don't like fast food, so I have to cook. I must be organized.

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Anna said...

Excellent Ursula - you are evolving further in the same direction I am going - to be paperless and unencumbered in spirit and not weighed down by papers and books. I used to have a large library and yet I never looked at most of the books again. I gave them away. I used to wonder sometimes what people thought of a home with only a few books (I keep a small core of favourites to revisit) but I've managed to get over that. I don't judge others in that respect either any more. You are regenerating Ursula!

Ursula Preiss said...

Times have changed, Anna. I adjust.