Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I practice.... if my life depends on my practice.....

This morning I woke up and expected a super awesome practice. My wishes were no fulfilled.

Excellent were the urdhva dhanurasana adjustments. It's a matter of time (only...haha) when this will it will happen that I stand up from this position. What happened already is that it feels better. I'm able to get closer to my limits. I still think that I must walk closer. My shoulders opened. My leg muscles are burning. They tremble when I'm finally in paschimottanasana.

Back bending is a focus these days and the vinyasas. 

The pictures show bhuja pidasana. I think the forward movement is a key if one wants to understand the jumping back. It's not falling down on the top of the head. It's rather moving forward, slowly and having the body under control.

I discover the role of the dristis and bandhas when doing the vinyasas. One looks forward not down. The bandhas are engaged and even more engaged.

After yoga a friend and I went to the Viktualienmarkt to have a fruit drink there. It was cold, the Caribic juice was cold, too. Brrrrrhhhhhhhh.........

More pictures of me you can find on Facebook and flickr.

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