Saturday, November 22, 2014

'Help, I get stiff when I don't practice Ashtanga yoga daily.'

Some people feel pressure here. Me, too.

Yet let's explore this feeling a bit closer. 

For me my Ashtanga practice is a mini world. What I experience on the mat, I often experience in the wild world off the mat, too.
Whatever we do regularly is very likely to flourish. A skill that we don't practice will get lost as a skill. This is so with driving a car, negotiating things, cooking, speaking English, you name it.

The difference to Ashtanga yoga is that when I restart Ashtanga yoga after a break I might feel discomfort. Using wrong grammar doesn't hurt, neither a boring meal. Looking for a spacier parking space because parking got difficult cannot be compared with stretching discomfort. Yet the message is the same. If one wants to get better at anything one must practice it and best is to practice it daily. To speak English only on vacation leads to nothing. So simple truth. If you want to become a master in cooking, be in the kitchen on a daily basis.

1. One or two days off can be very good for the practice. Sometimes the body needs to digest what is learned.
2. A week off is also not a drama in my experience. After a week off I feel very flexible sometimes, because I lost strength during this time. It lasts few days till the week off is forgotten.

3. I become nervous when I don't practice longer than a week which rarely happened. This happened when I was ill i.e.. Also when travelling it's not that easy to keep practicing.  But also here I can only say take it easy when you'll be back on the mat.

What's built within 10 years cannot be undone in a month.

For me it's easier to practice daily than here and then. My yoga practice became a routine. I miss it when I don't practice. I don't discuss if I shall do it or not. I do it.
The poses in Ashtanga yoga are so advanced that it's highly recommended to practice daily. Sometimes life gives us a break. Over time we have developed a relaxed mind, too.

Sometimes I'm stiff, sometimes not. Sometimes I try to find reasons why this is so. Yet most of the time when I observe my stiffness or my highlights, I think: aha, interesting.
Inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling.

Thursday I was able to give my very best.
Yesterday I wasn't able to hold some poses as counted during the led class. I was glad when we were finally in rest pose.
Today I enjoy a day off. What an exciting life!!!!

Happy Saturday.....

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