Thursday, November 13, 2014

Garbha pindasana - the rolling

"Keep your hands on your head."

I'm working on the details when I practice primary Ashtanga yoga. Garbha pindasana has 2 parts. The first part is stable, the second part is dynamic, that is one rolls 9 (or 5 times) to make a round.

The tricks:
1. Put your right hand under your left hand. The left hand can hold push the right hand to the head. It's easier to keep the left hand on the head as it's closer.
2. Move the chin to the chest and keep it there.
3. The rolling is done with the breathing !!! and with the bandhas.

It's a crazy pose. I didn't like to do it for years.
Nowadays I think it's good to do also things that are not favorite ones.
First what one loves can change. My likes have changed a lot over the decades.
I exercise to love what comes. Where is the next horse to ride, I wonder. When it's rolling in lotus pose with arms stretched through the legs, then shall it be this.

Happy rolling. It's a pointer not to forget humor in life.

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