Sunday, November 23, 2014

Embrace your difficulties - they are an opportunity


Sometimes new people come to class and they are very talented. Within a few sessions only they can reach the calves when they drop backwards. Twists are no issue either as they have long arms.

Our bodies are all different. Some have it easier than others to move the body in even advanced asanas.

I observed that those who have it very easy often disappear very soon. It's too easy. Why exercising something that one is able to do. It's difficult to see the mental exercise of Ashtanga yoga when starting with this practice.

Once a yogini was part of our group. Within a few weeks she was able to do primary. Usually we do the closing sequence in the back of the room. There she did her additional practice instead of the closing sequence. I saw her doing the splits, sidewards, forwards. No problem at all. She seemed to be bored with the practice. I haven't seen her for a while. Perhaps she is practicing somewhere else. Perhaps she gave it up, I don't know.

It's just one example.

There are advantages when facing difficulties.
1. The mind is interested in new skills to learn. We like challenges. This keeps us going.
2. We learn to learn. We might search YouTube. We might be more attentive. We might experiment.
3. If something was difficult to achieve it is often appreciated more when the goal is reached. Just remember how it feels when you take the lift on top to a mountain in comparison to climb up.
4. We get interested in anatomy to understand the poses. This makes the practice safe in the long run.
5. We develop mental strength like patience, perseverance, discipline.
6. We might understand that the path is as important as the goal.


Cordially greetings from a stiff person.

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Filipa said...

Thank you for these last 4 posts. They were so useful, enjoyably serious, and real! It was a pleasure to learn with them!

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you for reading and being so truthful to my blog.