Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A new pose?

I only realized it on my way home that I got bakasana B today. That is from tomorrow on I try to jump into bakasana B.

Every learning starts with the mind. The big question is: Am I convinced that I will be able to do this pose? I can answer this question with 'yes'. This is often a most difficult part.

1.Important also for bakasana A is that the knees are outside of the arms and not in the armpit or lying on the arms.
2. The arms squeeze against the knee. And the other way round, too.
3. Bandhas are engaged.
4. The arms are supposed to be straight.
5. The toes are not pointed.

I had to repeat this pose 7 times till my body was fully in the picture. My photography supports my yoga practice in many ways.

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