Sunday, October 19, 2014

The quality of the effort

Whatever I want to write is true and also not true. It all depends.......There are exceptions.......

I start with cautious statements and perhaps I can also only describe my own experience. I practice only few asanas more than 6 years ago. Yet what has improved is the quality of my practice.
1. That is the time span of concentration got longer.
2. I learned how to tolerate and react to the discomfort when reaching a limit. I keep breathing....
3. It's possible to get closer to the limits and to get a bit further.
4. The letting go of the tension of the body is much easier. Resistance got weaker what also helps to get deeper into a pose.

My focus these days is back bending, back bending and again back bending. I do it, give my best (which varies) and think: this was it for today. BKS Iyengar encourages me. He was much older than me when he showed breath-taking back bending. I still progress, slower, but I progress.

Most people love to do poses they can do easily. The difficult ones they like to avoid. In jobs this might be good. Yet in Ashtanga yoga we also work on our 'weakness'. The result: we have a balanced practice.

I got up early. My plan is to do second series only. It's a good preparation for the coming week when I can go to Mysore classes again.

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