Monday, October 13, 2014

Surprisingly good

It was a piece of cake to get out of bed this morning at 5am. I was so in anticipation to go to a Mysore class again that I got up as soon as the alarm clock woke me up.

How will it be, was surely a thought that came up. My practice was surprisingly good, even the back bending asanas. My explanation. My muscles got weaker in the last week and this made me more flexible. However. It was great to be back, it was great to practice.

Vinyasas and back bending - these are the asanas that I give special attention. 

Today I dropped back against the wall. I held the pose rather long till gravity pulled me down. Repetition is the secret to success. Yet also the believe that something is possible helps and gives enormous power.

Early to bed, early up. My nights have a frame again.

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