Thursday, October 23, 2014

Not everything can be explained

Not everything can be explained. Neither in science, nor in Ashtanga yoga.

Today is a moon day. When I put on my shoes yesterday after practice I had a quick conversation with a yogi. It was about the moon days.

If the moon has an influence on our practice or not cannot be proved. I used to practice on moon days almost always during the last 10 years and was never injured on such a day. This is often an explanation why we shouldn't practice on moon days. The moon was an excuse if I was not in the mood to practice. Ah,the moon, I thought. Since 1 year I respect this rule. I have very intensive practices every day in a shala. On moon days no Mysore classes are offered, I appreciate to have a day off.

I think it's Western culture to question everything. This might be good in many areas. Yet it can also be a barricade. Instead of doing something, the mind is questioning and questioning and that way weakening the action. Focus is lost. Why shall I do this? Why shall I do that? What's the reason for this, for that? Why to put the foot here, why to turn the head, why to make a sound when breathing and so on.........Questions can never stop. One question provokes the next one.

Question and answer will never give the security we might be searching for. Life cannot be controlled. Life will remain a surprise. It cannot even be explained.

Trust comes into play. Sometimes a good alternative as attitude to questioning everything is to trust.

The moon, what ever influence it might have on me, it makes me smile. I'm enjoying a day off.


Debb said...

You spoke it very well to this Westerner! I won't question the meaning of your post any further (haha) wise words though! Namaste, dear U..

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Debb. And thank you so much for still reading my blog. :) Namaste.