Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Moon day

So no practice today either. This has been a serious cold that has pushed me off the waggon. Life is unpredictable. It remains to jump back on the waggon. This requires energy.

Sometimes people admire me because I practice daily. Yet it is so much easier to practice daily than to practice here and then. A daily practice soon becomes a habit, a routine. Then it's easy to start and easy to practice. There are ups and downs, but no doubts and discussions if one shall practice or not. The body is used to the practice and I rarely become sore or overstretched. A daily practice is safe.

I feel much better already. I even slept well so I'm very optimistic that I can get back to my yoga routine tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


Francisca said...

I'm happy for you, Ursula!
Don't forget you are my inspiration from the begining, five years ago now that I started to practice ashtanga :)

Lisa-Jade said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! I'm going to take your advice on practicing daily and making it a routine :) Thank you!

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you Francisca, this is a wonderful compliment for me.

Thank you for being one of my long-term readers.

Ursula Preiss said...

It will be easier every day, Lisa-Jade. Soon you'll enjoy your new habit.