Monday, October 27, 2014

I was not in the mood

I was so not in the mood to leave my home that morning. Feeling so heavy and paralyzed like this morning happens in a decade once. Sip your coffee and then decide if you go, I thought. Then I thought, still not in the mood to move: Shower and then decide. I'm glad that I didn't ask E. He would have said: stay. Even after the shower I was not a tiny bit motivated. I can practice at home, I thought. I knew I would have stopped rather soon. A few sun salutation counts as a practice, I'd convinced myself. I don't know how I managed it to leave the home, but I did it and consciously I locked the door as if this could prevent me to return to a cosy bed. In the elevator I looked into the mirror and realized that the mascara of the night before was still under my eyes. When I return I won't go anymore, I knew this. Who will look at my eyes at 6am in the morning. I closed my eyes. I was on my way....It was cold outside. I had put on my winter coat to have it warm. Soon I'll add a hat to my outfit. I had removed everything from my handbag which would make it heavy. I didn't like to make it more difficult as it was today.

In the shala I loved to see all the yoginis.

Easy-going today was my attitude re my practice. More was possible than I expected. I knew that I would feel good after this sweaty exercise. And I do feel good.

Insight: A mushroom bhaji with a red wine is a totally different meal than a salad with water.

The twist on the picture: I think my twists got better. I did this marichyasana C without any warm-up. I not only turn the spine, also the shoulder moves backwards. This is in my opinion a good preparation for back bending. When moving the shoulder backwards it's so much easier for the other hand to reach the wrist.

What next? I don't know. It's not the day of planning and overachieving. It's a 'I let it flow' day.

Ursula Preiss Photography

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aRz MoHa said...

Yoga is a good exercise.
Nice pic