Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I overslept and balancing poses

It's not understandable, but I overslept. I went to bed after 8pm, this is so early. I had almost 9 hours of sleep. Yet this morning I switched off the alarm clock and kept sleeping. Just so. Perhaps the above picture should be created. I practiced this morning at home and I took some pictures. At least this.

The back bending adjustments are simply too good. I don't want to miss a single one. For today it's too late.

The standing asanas of Ashtanga yoga are underestimated. The above pose is a challenging balancing pose of the standing asanas.  It's utthita hasta padangusthasana.
- As soon as I start thinking, I start wobbling. Even the thought 'ah, today it's good' is not supporting. - Simply focusing on the breath is it that keeps me in that pose.
- I engage the bandhas.
- The toe is pointed, also this helps to stay in that pose.
- Sometimes I have the image of myself as a statue in mind.
- My eyes gaze at a point. This calms the pose.

To understand what helps to balance is helpful for asanas to come.

Balanced as I am now, I can begin the day.


neeraj sharma said...

Nice article indeed :) looking forward for your new article

aRz MoHa said...

How i want to say that picture is awesome.