Sunday, October 26, 2014

I like selfies

Sometimes I read that people are very critical towards selfies. They suspect narcisissm. They find them boring, annoying or are not interested.

I love selfies, because I remember a time where only pictures of politicians and actors/actresses were published. The variety of pictures enlarged since we all can publish also our selfies.

This reminds me of  a poem of Bertold Brecht which was critical about all the history books who only spoke about the kings/leaders and so on. At the end of this poem came the question: And who was the chef? Today you can look up the chef. Perhaps he has even published some recipes.

My selfies helped me a lot to improve the asanas. The asanas feel different as they look. Sometimes it feels as if the feet are parallel, yet they are not. Or it feels as if the back is straight, yet it is rounded.
My selfies motivate me to keep going. I enjoy the beauty of the asanas.
It's motivating to see progress on the pictures over the years if one documents the journey.

Picture: Marichyasana B, one of my fav asanas.

Another picture of mine landed on Explore on Flickr. This is a huge compliment as only about 300 or chosen out of million pictures on a daily basis:

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Anonymous said...

I've been perusing your blog for years and have found your photos inspirational. Maybe because I was once an ashtangi and still do a few of the seated postures here and there :) There is something calming, simple, and non-showy about your postures,even the challenging ones. Plus there is the added blog post and the fact that you've been doing this for years before "rise of the selfie"

Still, there are very few yoga men and women I follow on Instagram, because, for some reason, many of the accounts rub me wrong. Plus, they're all so similar: amazing photography, colorful pants (with discount hashtags) crazy, crazy, crazy twists, bends, break, which is a bit ironic because it's not like ashtanga asanas are a walk in the park ;) Either way, it's just a feeling I get from many accounts, a degree of disingenuous posting mixed in with those "I had a bad day" posts that I still never seem believe are truly truthful. It's all very modelesque, eerily perfect, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone showing off the warrior poses or chair because, well, they aren't inversions or arm balances. How is it different than the books of david swenson working through the series? For me, it goes down to the general feeling I get from it, a feeling I can't totally parking next to a big white van!

Oi, the good thing about is that I can choose what accounts to follow and which to avoid.


Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you very much for commenting so profound. And thank you for the compliment. Me too, I realized that more and more the difficult poses are shown online. They are impressive. I stick to my view: There is so much beauty in the simple poses, too. Finally nothing is simple. I try not to be so dramatic in all of my pictures, but to show the calmness, the steadiness, the concentration, too. If I could communicate this, I'm happy.

Namaste. Ursula