Saturday, October 25, 2014

Goal: kapotasana

When I think my goal is to learn kapotasana it implies much more than this. 

It implies to stay patient and optimistic i.e.. I exercise this asana now since more than 4 years. It's easy to give up or to think that this pose won't be possibl. I learned to keep the fire burning and to believe in progress.
It implies a deeper understanding of the poses.

I also learn to detach myself from the goal and to fall in love with the process.

It keeps me modest.

I also trust in the teaching method. To focus on the breath is important, especially when the limits are reached. Trust deepens  when practicing  correctly day in day out, results will show, inevitably.

There is no hurry.

And today is Saturday. It's a day off from asana practice. I use the time to get organized. Next Tuesday we'll get another shelf and then hopefully all books will found a home.

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