Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Do we all have a eating disorder?

Last week I watched a TV-programme, not one of these numerous cooking shows, but a discussion round about eating.
They quoted a poll that 80% of the Germans feel bad when eating. Only 20% enjoy their meals fully.

Half of the population here is overweight. It starts with the children.
The wish to be slimmer and also healthier can be understood.

Sometimes I wonder: Are we all confused? I guess yes.

I became a vegetarian when I discovered yoga at the age of 20. Mainly for 2 reasons. First a yogi doesn't eat animals for ethical reasons. Secondly when practicing yoga it's better to have a light body. Veg food helps to accomplish this.

In the meantime more than 30 years later I'm almost vegan, mainly for ethical reasons.

Yet sometimes I get crazy, even furious. I have in mind that scientist have not yet found out how to rebuild an apple. 1000 ingredients are even unknown. One cannot substitute an apple with a vitamin pill. Yet every day a new rule is out, a new shocking information shall change my eating habits.

I learn:
Wheat flour is bad for the body.
Avoid gluten. To be honest, I didn't know what this was. I know now.
Sugar is the devil for your pancreas.
Never drink when you eat, but drink 3 l of water every day (also when you're not thirsty)
Salt makes your veins porous.
Lettuce must be eaten at lunch time, never at night as it requires a lot of time to digest.
Noodles shall be eaten at night, that is if you eat noodles...
Eat local, eat seasonal, yes yes yes!
Don't eat fat.
Don't eat carbohydrates.
Fruit shall be eaten alone only.

There are endless rules. This can paralyse. It's no more possible to eat a meal without violating one of the rules.

It's indeed very good to reflect on what we eat. The food industry became stronger and stronger. They want us hungry all the time. They sell most if we are addicted to food. And we are.
What shall we do?

I recommend to learn cooking. I recommend to eat veg.
And we must learn again to enjoy our meals. To eat with regret, to eat and to have bad feelings cannot be healthy.

On the salad on the picture: 
The salad is grown local. Oh no, the citron???? From where is it? Is it bio? And the olive oil? I put a pear in the salad to avoid empty sugar, yet I wanted to sweaten the salad. it tasted excellent. Spring onions and cocktail tomatoes were further ingredients.

Never ever we had access to so many really good vegetables and fruit. When I was a child  canned pineapples with too much sugar was something special. Despite the luxury of all this available and affordable food so many have the fear, real fear not getting enough. I have the feeling as if we are all hungry all the time.

Everything circles around eating and food, cooking shows, dieting and so on.

Let us have simple meals and let us enjoy them.
And let's have other interests, too. There is more out there than eating....and food.

(And don't forget to drink your water. Lol.)

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