Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And? How was the practice today?

From the beginning on I felt stiff. Usually the stretching discomfort has a sweetness. I can stand and enjoy a lot of such boundary feelings. Today I had no tolerance for discomfort. It felt awful to stretch. I cannot find out a reason. It's not important to explain everything. Every day is different.

And despite this sensitivity today my back bending was good. Perhaps because I don't feel the shoulders anymore when I move my weight to my hands when in urdhva dhanurasana. My back opened. My shoulders are more stretched.

My tips for others are also good for myself. I did it. Just doing it, is it sometimes. The quality of the performance varies, the joy to practice, too. When I was through I was glad. And tomorrow is a moon day. Yepeeeee.

After the practice it rained. It's cold now here. I'll crawl back under the duvet.

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