Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A cold lasts a week

Ahimsa: Enough that E has a cold now, too. To go to a Mysore class with a cold is not nice. I hope I'm a role model here.
I enjoy the luxury to do nothing when ill. I don't schlepp myself with coughing to a yoga class or to a job, because of ambition, pressure or whatever.
So the week is over I feel good again and I rolled out my mat today. It was hard to practice, but doable. Of course I cursed how quickly I become weak. Yet all asanas were possible. I sweated. Back bending was so lousy. Yet this is how it is.

Tomorrow I wanted to go to a Mysore class again, yet I just learned that at 8:15am craftsmen will come to repair the balcony. So I'll have to be here. It can be that I'll join the party on Friday.

It all happens as it has to happen.


mikeintonbridge said...

It seems it is cold season. I had one too - and whilst on holiday in Mallorca! Normal yoga practice abandoned in favour of laying on the beach in the sun - mostly surrounded by Germans! How we Northern Europeans love our bit of sun before the winter comes. By the end of the stay I was doing some backbends on the beach. Home now and I too shall have to find my way back to practice.

Ursula Preiss said...

It's good to feel not alone. :) One has to accept this, even though it's not easy for me. I curse, to be honest.

Let's find our way back, we will!!!!