Monday, September 01, 2014

The alarm clock gave up its spirit

When I woke up this morning I was so awake. It was bright day. This is never ever 5am, I thought. The alarm clock showed 4am. Impossible. I got up and checked another clock: almost 7am, too late to go to a Mysore class. This frustrated me. Frustration comes, frustration goes.....

I started my routine as usual: coffee, shower.....and then I practiced here. I'm very motivated for the time being. I want to be fit by Friday. I enrolled for a workshop, topic is the vinyasa. A tiny piece of mosaic is missing. Perhaps I learn it in that workshop.

My practice was modest. I omitted nothing. That is I didn't drop back into urdhva dhanurasana. This was not possible.
Since I go every day to a Mysore class my concentration improved. I know moments come where I like to take a break. I inhale, exhale and keep going. I don't leave the mat anymore. My interpretation of the activities that happen during a practice is lack of concentration. No matter if one does extra asanas or if one gets a block or if one talks, it's all lack of concentration, no matter what reason comes into the mind why this activity was necessary.

I'm back, my suitcase is unpacked. Laundry is on the hanger to dry. It's rainy here, after a relaxing day at home body and mind arrived.

PS: I've a page on photography on Facebook if you like to see more of my pictures.


mikeintonbridge said...

Nothing is certain, except change. I liked your old header photo and I never got round to telling you why. There was a wonderful circular movement in it. From your gaze the eye was drawn to the swimmer on the beach. He was indistinct but the shadow on his back showed the definition in his muscles. His head aligned perfectly with the rolling wave. He looked toward the point where it was breaking, and we followed that gaze. But the breaking point of the wave was directly behind your head, also perfectly positioned so that our journey has come full circle. I guess little of this was planned but just turned out by chance.

Anna said...

Oh fantastic - a new banner photograph - and a totally beautiful one! Love it. (Disliked the other one a lot but didn't like to say :-))

Anna said...

My book arrived today, "Willpower". Let's see what happens!