Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday off or Sunday off?

There is rumor that Sharath prefers to have Sunday off and not Saturday.

First some background information:
Ashtanga yoga practitioners don't practice on full moon and new moon days. And they don't practice on Saturday.

This was not always so. In the book 'Guruji' I read that in the early years there was no day off. P. Jois' family wished to be more together with him, so he took a day off from teaching on Saturday.

Later yogis/yoginis saw other reasons for this day off. It shall be an exercise of detachment i.e.

I see 2 more advantages:
- My body needs a day off to recover from intensive practices during the week.
- I get things done on Saturdays.

When I was in India those yoginis who practiced with Saraswathi had already Sunday off. On Saturdays was her led class and Sharath's led class was on Sundays.

I heard that the Ashtanga yoga shalas shall have the choice if they have Saturday or Sunday off.

For me it's more convenient not to practice on Saturday for 2 reasons:
1. In Germany on Sundays the shops are closed. Only on Saturday I can do grocery shopping i.e.
2. My home practices are not so intensive than the Mysore classes that start on Monday. To have my first practice of the week on Sunday at home is a very good preparation for Monday.

Today is's raining....and I'm looking forward to practice. It will be second series.....

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