Friday, September 12, 2014


I overslept. It makes no sense to hurry anymore. It is TOO LATE to go to the led class. Now I've all the time of the world to sip my hot bitter black coffee. I couldn't believe it when I looked at the right corner of my PC. 'What's wrong?' I wondered. It was 6:30am already and at 7am is the first inhale. At 6am I had to leave my home. I curse. At 9pm I was in bed. The loudest alarm clock gives its best and I oversleep.

I'm awake now. Haha...and shake my head. I overslept the second time this week. I listen to the rain drops falling on the roof. A calming sound. I feel warm and cosy at home. :) Nevertheless I'd preferred to be on my way to the led class.

Yesterday I had made a detailed plan of today. After the class I wanted to go to the photo shop where I bought the self-timer. It doesn't work anymore. And and I sit here and listen to the rain.

I'll practice at home. Primary. Yes!!!!

Yesterday I had an extra yoga session at home. I set the timer for 25 min and exercised the vinyasas. Next time when I do anything extra I want to know what to do, i.e. sun salutations to warm up. 10 times forward floating, 10 times backward floating. When I step on the mat with the goal to learn the vinyasas I get frustrated because it takes time. The new method needs time to be integrated. To balance on the hands before floating through and backwards seems doable but not at once. I face fear again. I don't want to go to the wall again. It's better to learn to fall.

Time to move on. The source wanted me to oversleep. Here I am -  and instrument of the divine. :)

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