Saturday, September 13, 2014

'No asana without vinyasa.' Really?

An important part of the Ashtanga practice are the vinyasas. They are my focus now. Yet are they really so important? Let me quote 2 opposing convictions.

Sharath usees to say that the vinyasas are important as they make the blood running. That is they make the practice to a real exercise where the circulation of blood is exercised, too.

B.K.S. Iyengar said in an interview that I published yesterday that Krichnamacharya taught yoga at the Palace. They were into martial art. In order to make yoga attractive to them he addded the vinyasas.
Iyengar is convinced that if an 80 year old man comes to him to learn yoga, he can teach the asanas. To teach the vinyasas from a certain age on makes no sense.

So are the vinyasas important now or not?
I think they are. One really learns to coordinate the body. It makes me strong. It exercises indeed the blood circulation. Otherwise I had to run in addition if I didn't practice the vinyasas.

Yet: there are days of exhaustion., days of low energy. And then it's absolutely OK to omit the vinyasas. I think I'll take it easier now since I know the initial intention of the vinyasas. I feel still young enough to practice with the young ones. :)

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