Wednesday, September 03, 2014

My hectic morning

At 5am my alarm clock woke me up. 
Mistake one: I thought: Come on, stay another 5 min in bed. 20 min later I woke up. Oh no. Will it still make sense to go? Oh yes. Quickly I got up, I almost fell down the stairs to prepare a cup of coffee for myself.
Mistake two: Every morning I desperately search yoga clothes that fit together. It's still dark an the clothes are in the bedroom where my E is still sleeping. I work on moving this activity to the evening. Then all is prepared. I even want to know what clothes I dress. I can check the weather report and then I can decide in the evening what to dress the next morning. I'm fine-tuning my life. :)

30 sec before the arrival of the subway I was there. I saw an empty seat and almost fell into it. Tomorrow I get up on time was the thought.

I was the first in the shala. The atmosphere is so good so early. It's calm. It's good for me to be there so early as my practice is one of the longest. I don't want to be one of the last. This creates hectic for me, too.

On the picture is buhja pindasana. I think that this pose is a key pose for jumping backwards. Exactly in that position I want to get my body, only that the legs are inside the arms and that the head doesn't touch the floor. This is the position from where it's easy to throw the legs backwards. But to get there......when the legs are inside.......this is my challenge.

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