Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Moon day - time to reflect on the vinyasas....

I had set my alarm clock to 6am and I got up at 7am. :) It rained when I got up. It was really loud when the rain drops fell on the roof. Now it's calm again.

2 hours later: 
I'm sipping pepper mint tea. I have pepper mint leaves on my balcony. Chores are done. This week my focus is the kitchen. When I could discard anything I'm happy. I could. The less things I have the simpler my life becomes and the more time I have for the activities that are important to me: yoga i.e.

My focus these days are the vinyasas: I must be much more attentive when I want to apply what I've learned in the last workshop. Yet I'm sure now that the different breathing technique will help me to progress.

Forward floating:
1. From downdog I inhale and I jump high and move my body above my hands. Thighs are close to the body. This could be indeed the very first step to exercise isolated.
2. With the next exhale I move the legs close to the body, I round the back and float through my arms.
3. I inhale and take position.
4. I exhale and go into the pose. Voilà.

Backward floating:
1. Inhaling and I get out of the asana, still holding the pose
2. Exhaling: crossing the legs and moving them close to the body. Knees press against the shoulders.
3. Inhaling I lift the body up and turn the body around the center - head moves forward and down. Arms and hands stretch. Weight is again on the hands, feet away from the floor.
4. Exhaling, I fly into chatuarnga dandasana.

This is the theory that must be exercised.

I found a very helpful demonstration on YouTube: http://youtu.be/RSuAhSwKKFg

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