Friday, September 05, 2014

I missed the led class.....there is still the workshop

I overslept. This is the second time in this week that I overslept. I curse. As always I think it shall be so. This thought usually helps me to find back quickly to a relaxed mood.

At 3pm till 9pm I'll participate at a workshop, a yoga workshop on floating. I cannot change the fact anymore that I overslept. I missed the led class. Not good. Good is that I've time for all my other activities that need to be done. My energy that goes to yoga at that time can go to another activity.
6 hours of yoga is enough for today.

Life happens. Oversleeping happens.

How I prepare myself for the workshop?
Attitude: joy and taking it easy

(All this shall avoid injuries. I know about the dangers of workshops.)

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