Monday, September 29, 2014


It's simply not possible to take one step after the other till one is on top. I remember a very good practice last Wednesday. This is THE break-through I thought. From now on my practice will get better every day. The next day I had this cold, mainly coughing. Instead of leaping ahead, I had to go 2 steps back. I relaxed. I gave my body time to conquer the infection.

Sometimes it's a cold, sometimes a vacation, sometimes the job............or an exciting week-end, yet the path of yoga is not a line that goes upwards only. There are always ups and downs. I'm not yet sure if I shall go to a Mysore class tomorrow. It depends on how I feel tonight. It's also my way to practice ahimsa. Enough when I have an infection. It's not necessary to spread it.

I'm busy and I feel good, yet from time to time I cough and this is awful, it even hurts. Every hour I feel better. So I cross my fingers and hope to be fit by tomorrow morning.

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