Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yoga in a hotel room in Porto

It's possible to practice here in that hotel room. And I'm more than glad that I practiced. I omitted almost all the vinyasas. When I look at my mat I know why. The mat creates waves when I sit or stand on it as the carped is too soft. Then it is no joy to jump forward or backwards.

I could look under the bed. Oh my, the mattress hangs almost till the floor. I sleep well in that bed. I wish I hadn't looked under the bed.

It feels so good to move the body in forms called asanas. So finally the place might not be perfect, yet to practice is always good.

A little story from here: 
I was out for lunch/dinner after yoga. That is lunch was over and  and dinner has not yet come. The kitchen was closed in the restaurant round the corner. The waiter himself prepared a simple salad for me. Lettuce with tomatoes. Exactly how I love it. Afterwards I ordered a dessert, a fruit cake.
When it came I said: Oh, it looks delicious.
He (proudly): I made it myself.
Me: Wow.
He laughing: I'm kidding.
Then we both laughed. A lot.

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Debb said...

Thank you for sharing your amusement moment! You tell a great story with your words - simply! Namaste, dear U...

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Debra.