Friday, August 08, 2014

Twists and dristi

Today the door to the shala was still closed when few of us had arrived already to have a led class. A yogini gave me feed-back. Last time when we were waiting, too, I mentioned that some yoginis don't take care of the dristi when doing the twists, yet this would help so much to improve the pose. Many yoginis look down to the floor, the correct dristi is the side.

Looking straight to the side stretches the body upwards and suddenly one understands that the shoulder moves backwards.

There are different parts of the body that twist. The movements starts at the hips, the middle part of the body is soft and allows to twist too. And finally the shoulder moves backwards.

The dristis help to fine-tune all the poses, also marichaysana C and D. Dristis point in the direction towards we move.

In Ashtanga yoga we also don't close the eyes. Even though in the meantime many asanas became so easy for me that I could sleep in some poses. Of course I don't do this.

When I'm stuck in a pose, I check first the breath, then  I check if I engage the bandhas, then I check the dristi. This deepens the  understanding of the poses that I practice.

Once Sharath said in a conference: dristi alone has changed his life. I can refer to it. Never look in a direction you don't want to go. Dristi helps me to focus and to fade out what is not important. This can be learned and is very useful in daily life. Otherwise distraction wins and to accomplish anything becomes difficult

I hope this helps.

A rest day is important, too. Tomorrow I'll rest. I feel that this day is deserved after such an intensive week.

Happy weekend.

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