Friday, August 08, 2014

There might be a reason why I had so many good practices last week.

I really tried to live healthy last week. This meant that I had to prepare my own meals. I didn't go out to restaurants to have a quick lunch. Yes, I picked me up and bought ingredients for salads to have lunch according my imaginations. Weather was hot and something fresh was appropriate. A spicy soup doesn't fit to hot days. My salads were delicious and healthy. I had water during the day as beverage and was happy. What we eat makes a difference. It has influence on our feelings, our motivation, our cravings, our energy level. 

Everybody who does sports know this. It became a science for professionals. Currently I'm reading the autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Total Recall'. Even in the 50s a connection between food and success in sportive performance was sure and one lived accordingly. 
Yoginis don't want to win prizes. Nevertheless light meals make the yoga practice easier. 

Being a yogini is a life style. It doesn't stop after the asana practice. 

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