Monday, August 11, 2014


My yoga week has started. 
The vinyasas were surprisingly good today. I don't feel that my jumping forward is under control, yet I manage it to get from downdog to a sitting position without touching the floor with my feet. 
Jumping backwards improved, too. Yet there is still a part missing. 

Urdhva dhanurasana: MSch thinks I'm close to stand up. I still feel 1 mile away from it, yet I can imagine that I can come up. I know now the movements. I guess my legs are still not strong enough. Also today I was really determined. Yet I needed help to come up. Gravity is a very strong forth. 

At home I prepared a cup of coffee for my E who was still at home when I returned and then I went to bed. I was so tired, exhausted. I slept till lunch time. Unbelievable. I was not able to do anything. I only wanted to sleep. Now I'm up. So glad. 

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