Friday, August 15, 2014

Led class - I'll change thinking patterns

Usually the poses are held for 5 breaths. In former times it was 8 breaths, now it's 5 breaths. The asanas of the closing sequence are held even longer. How long 5 breaths really is varies from student to student and from pose to pose.

In a led class the 5 breaths are counted and this can be much longer than what is normally 5 breaths. Sometimes the teacher counts very slowly, sometimes he gives little support to newcomers. When this happens I think: 'Oh my this will be much longer than 5 breaths.' And then I give up, determination fades away and I hold my legs in navasana i.e.. It's better to change the goal, it's better to think that one wants to hold the pose as long as counted no matter how many breaths this is. 5 is just a number.

Ashtanga yoga also has a method how the series are taught. Usually every single asana is shown in a Mysore class. Once an asanas is mastered the next asana is shown. It's too much to do primary for a beginner. So the teacher usually says when half of the first series is over that those students who are not familiar with the asanas or those who couldn't bind marichyasana D can watch now. Usually people don't care and fight with the coming asanas till the end. I also realized once that people left the class. Today I saw someone who stopped. My admiration for this yogi. He sat there calmly and waited till the closing sequence was announced. He will progress at his own rhythm, his practice will be safe, without injuries. The risk is at least minimized. He won't feel overwhelmed.

It's not at all less worth just to observe. It's good to pause. Neither it's easier, nor laziness. It's just reasonable.

I'm through an intensive yoga week. I'm looking forward to a day off and breakfast. NOW.

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