Sunday, August 24, 2014

In Porto without suitcase

The above picture is still taken in rainy Munich. Now I'm here in sunny Porto without suitcase. Between Madrid and Porto it must get lost. The airport in Madrid is huge with different buildings far away from each other. The time between the 2 flights was short.
I'm relaxed. To travel is so. It's often inconvenient. One must know this. When it was sure that the last luggage was on the flat conveyer and it was not mine, we went to 'lost and found' to tell an unfriendly person our issue. We had to stand in a line for a while. Many suitcases got lost. I was not the only one.  In my opinion this is a matter of organisation. There are states that are organised well, companies can be organised well and single persons, too. The opposite is true, too. Chaos can be seen where ever I look.

So I'm still in hope that my suitcase will arrive tomorrow. For today it's probably too late.

It's warm here. And this is great. Mood is excellent. The hotel room is large enough for yoga practices. I'm looking forward to the next week.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time in sunny Porto - here near London it is turning cool already. I do hope you get your clothes soon. I remember having to wait three days for mine one time when I flew to Dallas. Porto has some lovely clothes shops though ;-) I still have a cotton sweater I bought there.

Ursula Preiss said...

Hello Mike, so nice to have you still among my readers.

My suitcase arrived at midnight, obviously raked up. All my lenses were still in it and I was happy.

My suitcase is half packed only. A shopping spree is planned. :) Peiople are not so huge here, so the clothes are smaller, too. That is they fit.

It looks as if we'll have another sunny day here. :) Oh..... :)

Anna said...

I and A. were in Porto last year! We loved it. Old Porto is very interesting and characterful. We remember a wonderful healthy food vegetarian cafe we found accidentally in a downpour. The Portuguese are SO friendly and excellent English - luck as we found the language pronunciation really tricky! Have a good week.

yulang said...

Porto is beautiful, we had a good time there. I like Portugal!
The only thing missing last time when we traveled there is to make a photo of the bridge in the morning with fog.
Have a nice stay!