Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to integrate back bending in daily life?

To write it in the beginning, I think it's difficult to integrate back bending in daily life for several reasons:

1. My body must be warmed up before I can really go deep into a back bending position.
2. I cannot imagine any activity in my daily life that requires back bending.

Nevertheless, what is possible: 
1. One can visualize the asanas.
2. Strong legs are absolutely necessary for back bending asanas. One can develop body feeling and engage the legs whenever back bending comes into mind.
3. What I do first whenever I am in front of a mirror: I engage my legs, I inhale, I stretch the arms upwards, grasp my wrist with one hand and then I stretch upwards and then backwards. I repeat it, now the other hand holds the wrist. This shall open my shoulders. I feel that my body is stiff here. Might it help.

Many other asanas can be integrated in daily life. Right now I sit in padmasana. (Oh, the last padmasana-picture is from 2010 :))When I bath I usually do paschimottanasana in the bath tub. You only take showers? Then bow forward, grasp your toes and enjoy hasta padangusthasana. You commute? Never forget to twist and look backwards when you want to pass. All the forward bending asanas can be done in front of a TV in case you have still time to watch.

The consequence: 
One really has to give everything at back bending when in a yoga class. To hold the poses longer is good. To repeat them is good. Sharath even recommends to do urdhva dhanurasana up to 5 times. I managed 3 today, yet during the week I was able to lift myself up 4 times for three long breaths. And each time I moved my hands closer to the feet.

The path and the goal are both important in equal measure. I'm enjoying the path. I know, one goal is reached, the next goal comes up.

Last but not least: 
Thank you very much for 500 'likes' on Facebook. Facebook itself called this a milestone. :) I love to entertain you, I love to inspire and motivate you.

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