Wednesday, August 06, 2014


These days I only need the discipline to get out of the bed when the alarm clock wakes me up at 5am. Then the morning movie starts. It's a routine. I can do it blindly without thinking.

To step alone on the mat is so much more difficult.
Only on Saturday or Sunday I can take pictures. Saturday is a day off and I need it. On Sundays I practice on my own. So today I searched in my archives for a visual.

Discipline is needed during the practice. To give energy to the vinyasas each time when I do it, needs discipline. It's so easy to practice sloppily, yet this leads nowhere. There is time for dawdling in my life. Yet when I practice I don't want to waste my time. So I cross my legs up, I try to make myself as small as possible to swing the crossed legs through my arms without touching the floor. A tiny puzzle is still missing. How to move forward, so that I have time to stretch my legs backwards. Again and again I try and again and again my feet touch the floor before I could send them backwards. To do this requires will power.

In the last week I read the book 'Die Macht der Disziplin' by Roy Baumeister and John Tierney. This book is in America and in Germany a bestseller. I linked to It's easy to read and one gets helpful insights:

1. Willpower has limited energy. This explains why I couldn't resist the 'Rosinenschnecke' when I passed by the bakery at Sendlinger Tor after yoga even though I didn't like to eat cakes in the morning. I was exhausted, I couldn't bring up the energy to say 'no' to this smell and this food drug. These days we drink juice at the Viktualienmarkt and it's a much more healthy alternative. Avoid situations that require smart decisions when you are exhausted. Relax, eat well and then decide.

2. Everything is proved by tests in the book. I absolutely agree: To check oneself regularly makes sense. To write down the goals and to check the single actions daily gives motivation and also will power to keep going. This blog serves this purpose.

3. Focus on one or two goals, not too many is another tip. In my case it's back bending, back bending, back bending. I only think back bending, back yoga.

Two more practices this week. I jubilate.

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