Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 ingredients that help to accomplish every asana

1. There are always muscles to strengthen. This is important. Often the leg muscles need to be engaged.
2. It's stretching. No matter if you twist or if you bend forward or backward, stretching comes first.
3. The last step is to move in the wished direction. It's important to imagine to bend at every possible joint and cell.

I work very intensely on back bending these days. I apply the above steps: Strong legs, stretching upwards and then I bend backwards. I must come up soon. I feel it. Each time I get help. To be pushed is so supporting. There is the tendency to pamper oneself. Yet when I work with an excellent teacher I'm able to reach my limits which are always further than I imagine. To get optimum help a very experienced teacher is needed. It's an art to adjust urdhva dhanurasana!!!!!

"Grab your ankles," MSch sometimes says to me when I move backwards and down into urdhva dhanurasana.
First I thought: What? Which ankles? Till I realized he meant my feet ankles. Haha. To reach  the ankles might not be possible. Yet the wish and the striving to reach them has surely the power to bring my hands closer to my feet than ever.
The situation is too serious, otherwise I'd had laughed about the thought to reach my ankles.
I'm more than happy for the time being. Mysore classes are my highlights of the day. During the day I often sleep. Hahaha.....I think sometimes that my body needs to digest the intensive bending.

How I intensify my back bending exercise?
'Stay longer,' MSch told me. This is it what I do. I bend backwards, my hands in prayer position at the front and then I bend and bend and wait. Body gives up more and more resistance. I take my time. And I stay. And finally I stretch my arms and my hands are closer to the floor than ever. To use the momentum to come up again is something I attempt.

Might these tips help.

Picture is a variation of shalabasana.

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