Thursday, July 17, 2014

Urdhva dhanurasana

I didn't like to write about back bending without a back bending picture. It's just taken without any warming up. But I bend backwards. Voilà.

For the time being we are truly pampered by 2 most excellent Ashtanga yoga teacher: Michael and Matt. Both teach Ashtanga yoga comme il faut. Both practiced in the shala in Gokulam with Sharath and they have inhaled the teaching method. What a luxury.
The shala is cramped, which is great. India feeling comes up. One mat lies next to the other one. The air is warm. I sweat and I'm bendy.

All what I've learned by now about urdhva dhanurasana is true. I'd only add the word 'more' to all the critical steps.
- My hands must walk closer to the feet.
- My legs must be much more engaged when I want to come up. This is my insight. Yet it should be doable.

A very helpful adjustment is when hands are pressed against the hips when in urdhva dhanurasana. So I got this adjustment not the first time. Yet this week I got it with so much more power. I had to push against it and got a feeling how much I have to engage my legs. What I did by now was too soft. When suddenly the resistance stopped and my legs were still engaged, I flew upwards. What a feeling. (I hope I could explain the process.)

Again I think these devilish back bending asanas 'urdhva dhanurasana' and 'kapotasana' should be possible for me.

I have to work on them....just a little bit harder......

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