Saturday, July 05, 2014

Supta kurmasana

Pictures are a very effective learning tool. I recommend to take pictures of your practice. Firstly one can document the progress over yeaars. Secondly it helps to analyze the asana to see the next steps.

Yesterday I tried another view of supta kurmasana. This gave me new insights.
In supta kurmasana one puts the left leg first behind the head. Then comes the right leg. I see, that when I try to bring my right leg a bit further down, my head wold be in the middle.  Perhpas, when I turn my calves inside, this could be possible. This could also allow me to reach my left wrist with my right hand. With some help I can reach my wrist.  When alone it's difficult, yet I realize that I go deeper in the asana than a few months back. The reason: my understanding also has deepened.

I lengthen the body, I stretch forward. These days also my nose touches the floor and not only the chin. I saw yogis/yoginis who had the chin on the floor. :) Step by step also these advanced poses can be mastered. It can last years. Ashtanga yoga is not a yoga style that brings quick success. We learn to be patient.

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