Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday is the only day where I practice on my own.

Sunday I practice on my own. To be honest, I have enough from primary. I know there is still much to learn, i.e. the vinyasas, yet I'm able to perform all the asanas. One can get always deeper, I know, I know......

I have developed stamina. To practice till bakasana A is not so exhausting anymore than it used to be. At the end the body is warm and bendy and I have still energy to do a focused back bending. It's not that I do it with my last breaths ever.

Nevertheless, I want to focus faster on back bending and not doing it after primary when on my own.
Yesterday I saw the interview with Matthey Sweeney. He has developed the lion sequence as a support for back bending, kapotasana. I want to give it a try. I know that his series are challenging, yet different challenging as a classic Ashtanga series as the vinyasas are missing.

I start sweating already, when I think of my practice. Hahaha.......Time to roll out the mat.......

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