Monday, July 21, 2014

Stay longer - 10 breaths

I know that this is an excellent tip by MSch. I fear sometimes I didn't even hold this pose for 5 breaths.

What's the effect when I hold urdhva dhanurasana longer?
1. The pose becomes comfortable. Yes!
2. When it feels good to be in the pose, it's possible to get a bit deeper into it. That is I walk my hands again closer to the feet.
3. When a pose becomes comfortable, it's easier to breathe deeply and the breath will finally help to come up.

In Sharath's book it's even recommended to lift up 5 times. Each time one can move the hands a bit closer to the feet.

I don't know why I'm so optimistic today, but I am.

I always get perfect adjustments when I do this pose. This has a leverage effect. I'm so thankful.

The plan:
1. Lifting up 5 times
2. Staying longer in the pose
3. Focus is on breathing and lengthening the body.


namastejade said...

Hi there, Absolutely beautiful blog. Im new to blogspot and have also started a yoga blog. I really hate to do this but I would love it (if you had the time) to check it out!

Thanks so much and keep going with all the lovely work you're doing!

Ursula Preiss said...

Good luck.