Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sometimes all we get for doing something is who become in the process. :)

Janneke  wrote in a comment a few days back: Sometimes all we get for doing something is who become in the process. :)

This is so true. We change during the process in many ways.

- Many asanas that we want to learn need years of practice till they are mastered. On the way we have to become patient. Yet we also have to work on an asana i.e. without expecting quick success. We get strong mentally. We learn not to give up so quickly. Long term projects seem doable.
- We learn to stay optimistic.
- Also when we don't master an asana, we practice and this keeps us flexible and strong.
- We might also learn to learn.
- It can also be that we learn how to organize our lives, as we need time to practice yoga.
- Practicing daily we can develop a relaxed attitude towards the ups and downs on the mat and in life.

Our developments can be surprising even.

It's very warm here, exactly how I like it. I sit in a bar in front of the hotel and sip freshly squeezed orange juice. I have even Internet access here. 'Would you like to come back to Bulgaria?' E asked me yesterday. I would. People are friendly, food is good. We stay downtown, yet the beach is in walking distance. It's safe here. I love the cats. And the weather is stable. It's a perfect place to relax.

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PS: Also the above picture made its way to Explore on Flickr. It's the 4th picture now within a week. It's really very special to be put in that pool.


Janneke den Dekker said...

Awwwww:$ Thanks for the mention. Yoga is phenomenal in that way because we may not always be perfect in our physical postures, in fact we may never even go deep enough into all the postures. What really matters is who we are when we arrive there.

Ratika Sharma said...

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