Friday, July 04, 2014

Setu bandhasana

Setu bandhasana, the last asana of the middle part of primary Ashtanga series. It feels good if one is strong enough. If the muscles are engaged no pressure is on the neck.

Some time ago the pose felt unpleasant. I found out that my head is not even. I searched the Internet and I found out that the front shall be on the floor and not the top of the head. Next time I rolled further and the issue was solved.

There is always a further........

Setu bandhasana is the only back bending asana of primary, except urdhva dhanurasana that follows  after this pose. Setu bandhasana shall prepare for urdhva dhanurasana.

If one practices correctly the body is prepared for this pose.

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Anna said...

Ooh, floor to ceiling windows - I love them! I expect you're celebrating Germany's win tonight? Gut gemacht!

Ursula Preiss said...

We watched the soccer match yesterday. The comments are in Bulgarian language and we understand zero. I miss Oli Kahn's comments. :) Now 2 more matches and our youngsters are through. :)